III. International Conference on University-Based Entrepreneurship and Regional Developement

Györkő Dorisz Wed, 10/03/2018 - 09:22

You are kindly invited to submit papers for presentation at the III. International Conference on University-Based Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: Theory, Empirics and Practical Implementation (ICUBERD) to be held at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Pécs, Hungary, on November 29th, 2018.

The focus of the conference is knowledge-based regional economic development with a specific attention to smart specialization. Contrary to previous ICUBERD conferences this year we organize a small-scale workshop-style event with invited internationally recognized researchers who are specialized in the fields of regional innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development.

The workshop will be open for a limited number of accepted applicants who would like to take part in the focused discussions. We seek high quality papers that explore various aspects of knowledge-based regional development related to the role of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as policies that address their role in regional growth. We also welcome papers specialized in impact assessment of knowledge-based regional development policies. We will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the successful applicants. Conference will be free of charge for accepted participants. Abstracts should be no longer than 3,000 characters long including spaces and should present the purpose of the research, the relevance of the problem, the methods, the main findings, and 5 to 7 keywords. 

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Simonyi BEDC

“We are a self-sustaining, university driven entrepreneurship ecosystem that allows the interaction of all actors of the socio-economic environment of the region interwoven with the international economic centers of gravity through our communities of practice.”

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As a key drivers of regional economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship attract substantial attention in research and policy. With the establishment of the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center (RIERC) at the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) of the University of Pécs the aim is to increase synergies among research groups at FBE and to provide a joint platform for research in regional innovation and entrepreneurship. RIERC conducts research in regional innovation (knowledge network analysis, agent-based innovation modeling, spatial econometric studies, university-industry relations), entrepreneurship (Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index – REDI, small business competitiveness, university spin-offs), development policy impact modeling (Geographic Macro and Regional (GMR)-type models) and applies research results in concrete regional development policy analyses. Established in 2015 RIERC succeeds the Center for Research in Economic Policy (GKK) at FBE.

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MTA-PTE Innovation and Economic Growth Research Group

The research group focuses on one of the highly critical yet least understood areas of the Hungarian innovation system that is innovation co-operations and entrepreneurship. The traditional tools provide insufficient ground for a deeper understanding of these areas, and they do not support the investigation of the relationship between innovation and economic growth either. The research carried out by the group analyses the complex system of relationships between innovation co-operations, entrepreneurship and economic growth on the basis of the latest methodological tools developed in the international literature that include – among others – agent-based simulation, Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) and Geographic Macro and Regional (GMR) modelling. This variety of approaches ensures more thorough understanding of the topic that enables sensitivity testing of economic growth against tools of innovation policy and development of scenarios for economic policy